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What to Expect When You Work with Warner Roofing












Why tear off the old roof vs. just doing a lay over?

We tear off the old roof to ensure the roof is structurally sound, algae/mold and flashing issues can be addressed. Applying new shingles not only gives the home a sleek, modern, and cleaner look; it adds to the market value and extends the life of the roof.

What type of shingles will be used?

We only use Owens Corning shingles, as we are a Preferred Contractor with them and hold that to a high standard. Although, Oakridge dimensional shingles are the line quoted in the estimate, there are upgraded selections to choose from.

Is there a warranty provided?

We at Warner Roofing are proud to provide and stand by our 10 year workmanship warranty. In addition, Owens Corning provides a limited Lifetime warranty; transferable one time.

What is ice guard and do I need it?

Your estimate will include ice guard; it is not an upgrade because we believe it IS that important. It is placed in the valleys and 3’ up all edges of the roof. This will protect your roof from ice dams and snow.

Can I have ridge vent instead of the boxes on my roof?

As part of your estimate, we have taken the liberty to include ridge vent. We remove the box vents, cover the holes, and if needed add soffit vent. As a Preferred Contractor we make sure every roof meets the Owens Corning guidelines of intake and exit for proper air circulation.

I have a satellite dish. Is this a problem?

We will have to remove the dish from your roof to access the whole roof. The re-installing and aligning of the dish will need to be handled by the company who services that dish.

Can you work on or add skylights?

Yes, we can! We can fix or install new skylights. The only thing we don’t do is the interior drywall, trim, and painting. ALL INTERIOR DAMAGE/ADDITIONS ARE HOMEOWNERS RESPONSIBILITY. We can help put you in touch with a contractor who we have worked with in the past for this work.