V. Bee – Moscow, OH

“I would like to take a moment to express what a wonderful experience I had with Warner Roofing, INC ( Bryan and Jill). 11 months ago my home received storm damage and my roof need replaced. Bryan and his crew did a outstanding job! The true testament to their work is the fact that on March 2nd a devastating tornado struck my area and my roof was the only one in the neighborhood that did not need replaced. In fact, I had no damage to the roof what so ever. As I said earlier my home did receive damage. It was mostly siding and soffits. Bryan was out the next day to observe the damage and give me a estimate. His quick and professional attention was second to none. Bryan got the repairs done very quickly and the house looks awesome! Make no mistake, Warner Roofing, INC will get all my future home repair/improvements!”

M. Seni – Maineville, OH

“In April, after a very wet spring, we came home to find our ceiling in our bay window leaking. Not a good feeling when the forecast was showing major thunderstorms throughout the week. The next day we called Bryan with Warner Roofing, INC and within no time they were out to our house looking for the problem. Thankfully our situation was very small, but one that could have caused a lot of headaches if left alone. That day they took care of the problem and we didn’t have to worry about an even bigger problem arising when the storms blew through that week, or even the rest of the wet, rainy spring season.Warner Roofing, INC took care of the problem, quickly!!”

B. Kutcher – Mt.Washington, OH

“We recently had Warner Roofing, INC put a new roof on our two story house. I was impressed with everything from start to finish. They were prompt for all appointments and extremely professional. I was amazed at how quickly they worked to tear off the old roof and install the new one. It took less than a day. I will certainly recommend Warner Roofing, INC to everyone.”

M. Wertz – Batavia, OH

“Warner Roofing, INC did an excellent job on my roof. Bryan took the time to meet my insurance adjuster to show where and why my roof needed replaced a year and half after the wind storm. I had damage that wasn’t seen by the naked eye.
Bryan was also patient with my mortgage company, even completing the job before receiving a majority of the payment. He knew that it needed replaced before more damage was done. It showed me he cared about my needs and the need of fixing my roof as soon as possible. Thanks Bryan for all your help and work that you have done!”

Burfitt – Milford, OH

“It is very rare when you want to brag about your contractor; however Bryan Warner with Warner Roofing, INC deserves it. He built my deck and stained the deck with One-Time Wood stain and I am very happy with the results! He went above and beyond when going through this process with me. Bryan would call with updates daily to make sure I knew what the next step would be and how long that would take; from the permitting, to the digging, to the building, to the installation it was an extremely thorough job. I am already looking forward to having him replace my roof in the next couple years, knowing that a quality job will be done. When it comes to home improvements in the Cincinnati area, I would recommend Bryan Warner with Warner Roofing, INC.”

Jay Clawson – Milford, OH

“After meeting Bryan through a friend I could tell he was passionate about his work and work ethic. After a major snow storm we decided to contact Bryan to see if our roof may have been damaged in a storm. Sure enough Bryan was able see damage that I could not see or would have ever noticed. He had a quote to the insurance company within days and the insurance company had a check to me within a week. The job was completed in almost 1 day and I could not believe that. I have already recommended Bryan to any of my friends who need work done. Thanks again for a great job.”

Walt and Shirley Lowe – Milford, OH

“We had wind damage from the hurricane winds last fall that weren’t noticed until high winds this spring. We got a couple of bids, including Warner Roofing, INC. Bryan Warner’s bid was very competitive. Even more importantly, he worked with us and our insurance adjuster to get the best replacement value for us. Bryan met the adjuster at our home and went on the roof with him. What the insurance company had started claiming was just a spot repair was proven to be the whole roof needed re-shingled, thanks to Bryan’s help. Bryan and his team did an excellent job and cleaned up well after they were finished. We would certainly recommend his company for doing quality work with a personal touch.”

Jamie Szabo – Liberty Twp., OH

“Who knew you could be so excited about a roof!? But I sure am!!! I have the best looking roof in the neighborhood thanks to Bryan Warner and his team from Warner Roofing, INC! Excellent workmanship, care and treatment throughout the entire process…Could not be happier…would recommend to anyone who is looking …you will not be disappointed!!!”

Ed Lewis – Miami Township, Ohio

“I found Bryan Warner from Warner Roofing, INC to be very accommodating, thorough and responsive. He did things that were not expected which resulted in further enhancements and complete customer satisfaction. Neighbors have commented on how good our roof looks and I have recommended him to several of our neighbors. Bryan was a big help to me in working with my insurance company and relating the storm damage that was done. If it had not been for Bryan, things probably would not have gone as smoothly with the insurance company. Bryan worked the job along with the crew to ensure a quality job. I have one of the best looking roofs on our street due to the high quality work of Bryan Warner and his team of employees.”